38) Vintage Photography Flash Light

Works by Marsel - Lamp No.38

A lovely 1950’s photography twin flash light, restored and converted into a unique designer home office tripod lamp.

This old hand held kodak twin head photo light has been carefully dissasembled, and the bayonets swapped out so that it now takes regular household screw in light globes. With a few custom mods and some tinkering it has come up a treat.

Mounted on a classical designer tripod with adjustable legs, it can be used as both a floor or table lamp. The arms are fully adjustable to the desired position to create any custom look.

It has an easy inline on/off switch and is ready for a new home. Another great original custom lamp for your home or office.


ITEM SOLD (Germany) – $402


About unodesmoda

Hi, My name is Marsel. I like making custom projects and restoring antique wares. My items are for sale here at my blog. Feel free to call me or send me an email if you are interrested in one or more of my items.
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2 Responses to 38) Vintage Photography Flash Light

  1. Rachel says:

    Hi, Love your website, linked to it from ebay. Photography is very much the thing of the moment, loved your photo flash lamp particuarly, will be dropping by you site reguarly now, you have a fan!

    • unodesmoda says:

      Hi Rachel, thanks for your comments, its always appreciated. The lamps are very hard work but a really enjoy restoring them and offering people something unique and out of the ordinary.

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