37) 1960’s Ultralight Theatre Lamp

Works by Marsel - Lamp No.37

An original 1960’s Ultralight theatre lamp, polished and restored into an original home office floor lamp on tripod.

This is my last Ultralight in stock at the moment. A great piece of Australian theatre history. It has been stripped back to bare metal and then polished to a high sheen without removing the original aged patina. It has then been hard poly coated to seal the surface and prevent rust. The barn doors are easily removable for the desired look.

The 500w globe has been removed and it now takes regular small household energy saver globes. It has a nice long AC cable and an easy inline on/off switch.

Mouned on a designer nautical tripod with chrome linkages and deep teak timber legs. The legs are adjustable to the desired height.

A beautiful original vintage industrial theatre lamp that is sure to create the centre piece to your home or office.


ITEM SOLD – $1100


About unodesmoda

Hi, My name is Marsel. I like making custom projects and restoring antique wares. My items are for sale here at my blog. Feel free to call me or send me an email if you are interrested in one or more of my items.
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