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48) Original 1940’s WW2 Copper Flood Light

An original 1940’s WW2 Naval copper flood light, restored into a unique designer home/office floor lamp. If lamps could talk, the stories this one could tell. These old copper flood lights were commonly used on the decks of the 1940’s … Continue reading

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47) 1960’s Strand Pattern 23 Tripod Lamp

Another great UK made Strand pattern 23 production theatre light, passionately restored into a magnificent unique home tripod floor lamp. These Strand 23’s are by far the most elegant of the vintage 50’s and 60’s stage lights and have fast … Continue reading

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46) 1950’s Richard H. Barton Lamp

An original 1950’s Richard H. Barton of Sydney theatre light. The first I have come across and one of the most beautiful lamps I have had the pleasure of restoring. Passionately restored into a timeless collectors investment piece and presented … Continue reading

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