46) 1950’s Richard H. Barton Lamp

Works by Marsel - Lamp No.46

An original 1950’s Richard H. Barton of Sydney theatre light. The first I have come across and one of the most beautiful lamps I have had the pleasure of restoring.

Passionately restored into a timeless collectors investment piece and presented on a beautiful classic teak timber & chrome tripod.

The restoration was a challenge to say the least. The entire lamp had to be carefully disassembled down to the last nut and bolt.  Each exterior piece was then painstakingly cut and polished to achieve a high gloss sheen. Most of this lamp is made of metal, so once polished the metal surfaces were hard poly coated to protect them and prevent rust.

The 500Watt globe and bayonet were removed and replaced with a screw in bayonet. The lamp now takes regular screw in energy saver globes. The original Bakelite AC plug was retained and a new classic look switch was installed. All the original badges were retained and hand polished.

An original piece of Australian theatre history to own and present in your home or office.


ITEM SOLD – $1400 (Poland)


About unodesmoda

Hi, My name is Marsel. I like making custom projects and restoring antique wares. My items are for sale here at my blog. Feel free to call me or send me an email if you are interrested in one or more of my items.
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8 Responses to 46) 1950’s Richard H. Barton Lamp

  1. Cassie says:

    Where can I buy one of these? I am in Australia. I like the 1930’s style as well.

    • unodesmoda says:

      Hi Cassie,

      i am located in Sydney, Granville 2142. I have many Strand 23 and 123 lamps I can restore for you, see my previous sales for the pictures and let me know if you like that style.


      • Berenice says:

        G’day mate i picked up one of these today and somonee has painted the thing bright blue.Was wondering if you can tell me if they are all aluminium underneath and can I just lightly sand them back to a nice finish???

      • unodesmoda says:


        If its the same model lamp than most of the body will be made of metal and only the top front and rear caps made from aluminium. Sanding wont give you a good finish as you wont be able to get into the corners and will cause scratching on the metal and especially aluminium which is very soft. Best to use paint stripper and then wither hand or machine polish.


  2. unodesmoda says:

    Hi Doug,

    Sure, I can buy it from you. Does it have the bracket? Could you please email me a photo of it, my email address is listed in the blog at the top, or you may SMS it to me on 0414 333 297 and I we can arrange payment and delivery details after.


  3. Bonnita says:

    Hi Marsel

    I found these lights quite interesting in ebay. Please confirm if these lights have been tested in Australia, to comply with safety standards? Thank you. Bonnita

  4. Laura Barton says:

    Hi Marsel,

    I know these particular R.H.Barton theatre lamps are very hard to come by, as I’ve been looking for one for quite a while without luck. I’d love to know if you come by another in any condition as I’d be very interested in purchasing it.

    Kind regards,
    L. Barton

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