22) 1950’s Bantam Super Spot Light

Works by Marsel - Lamp No.22

The USA Bantam Super Spot is by far one of my favorite vintage theatre lights.

Beautiful and so intricate in design. The main body is made of metal and the front and rear grills made of aluminium giving it a stark contrast when polished. Copper inserts have been installed into the grill recesses and the heat brushes have been 24kt gold coated, adding to the wonderful character of this piece. All of the exposed metal has been poly-coat sealed to prevent rust.

The 500 watt globe has been removed and a screw in bayonet installed to take regular household energy saver globes. A new brown cotton weave AC cable and inline switch have also been installed. It is being presented on a new hand made designer nautical telescope tripod with chromed linkages, and solid teak legs.

This is my last Bantam Super Spot and I have not been able to find any more for quite a while. A beautiful custom restored unique investment piece in your home or office.




About unodesmoda

Hi, My name is Marsel. I like making custom projects and restoring antique wares. My items are for sale here at my blog. Feel free to call me or send me an email if you are interrested in one or more of my items.
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2 Responses to 22) 1950’s Bantam Super Spot Light

  1. les povarchook says:

    Hi Marsel. Looking at your two Superspots and notice the one with the extended back has a different yoke (i call it 2 piece) from the regular version (single piece) Is that a modificaton of yours or is that the way it came.

    Admire your work and just picked up 2 superspots on Ebay and think I will be attempting to polish up one. If you have any hints on the polishing you can drop me an e-mail.


    les – British Columbia, Canada

    • unodesmoda says:

      Hi Les, yes one does have an extended back and that is a stock feature not a mod. That model had a large fan inside the back section to help cool the bulb. As for advice on polishing technique’s, there is no real short cut to polishing. First paint strip the entire lamp.

      I use an industrial 15k rpm machine with a thick cutting buff and cutting compound to cut back the metal or aluminium. Then its hours on the polishing machine to achieve the desired finish. Once polished, you will need to seal any metal bits, the aluminium does not matter as it wont rust. After trying many commercial lacquers and poxy applicators that did not stick very well to exposed metal, I concocted my own finish that I may later patent to sell so I cannot let you in on that just yet.

      All the best with your project, email me photo’s when it complete.


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