8) World War II Copper Flood Light

Works by Marsel - Lamp No.8

An original 1940’s WW2 large Copper Flood Light converted into an impressive home/office floor lamp on tripod.

An ugly duckling turned into a beautiful swan, this WW2 relic had layers upon layers of paint, grit, and grime and even a bullet hole in the back which I disguised as the cable plug. If lamps could talk, the stories this one could tell.

The paint and grit were carefully removed and the entire lamp polished to a high sheen. The lamp itself is made of copper, and the bracket and linkages are solid brass. The original lens was cracked in two so has been replaced by a new modern glass shade. The 2000 watt globe has been retired and a new screw in bayonet installed which now takes regular houshold energy saver globes.

The tripod it is on is an original 1940’s surveyors stand. The linkages are solid brass and have also been polished to suit. The solid oak legs have also been sanded and polished up. A support chain has been installed to secure and support the heavy lamp head. A magnificent, impressive piece of world war history preserved as an art piece and given a 2nd life.


ITEM SOLD – $1970


About unodesmoda

Hi, My name is Marsel. I like making custom projects and restoring antique wares. My items are for sale here at my blog. Feel free to call me or send me an email if you are interrested in one or more of my items.
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2 Responses to 8) World War II Copper Flood Light

  1. Fraser Thomas says:

    Hi i have a large searchlight
    It was given to me about 15 years ago its aprox 500 mm dia i think its brass
    it has a 500watt globe in it.
    I was one of many that use to light up flemington racecourse in Melbourne.
    i thought it may have been used in ww2 as a search light.
    Any details you can give me on its use and what it is worth today would be much appreciated.
    Fraser Thomas

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